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At Home Senior Care & Medication Safety in Orange, CA

How can your local at home senior care help with medication management?

Most older adults take multiple medications in order to treat a plethora of health conditions. By taking their medications at the correct times and in the correct dosages, they can prevent visits to the emergency room and live a healthier, more fulfilling life.

If your senior has trouble taking their various medications each day, Comfort Keepers at home senior care experts can help. In addition to providing medication reminders to all of our senior clients, we offer our revolutionary Pill Dispenser by Safety Choice. This pill dispenser has assisted many older adults who fail to manage their medications property due to one of the following reasons:


  • A progressive health condition like Alzheimer’s disease or dementia

  • Vision and hearing difficulties

  • Memory loss

  • Social issues like living alone or financial constraints

  • A lack of understanding of what their medications are for

  • Challenges with swallowing pills

  • The belief that they do not need medications and are free from any health issues

  • The fear of medication side effects


The Pill Dispenser by SafetyChoice is truly one of a kind for a variety of reasons. First off, it features 60 medications cups that are each capable of holding 20 to 25 pills. It can also connect to an older adult’s phone line and alarm them with voice, text, and light alerts whenever they need to take a pill. Thanks to its backup battery, the pill dispenser will continue to operate without any problems for up to 12 hours if the power goes out.

If your older loved one misses a dose of one of their medications, their pill dispenser can let you, another family member, or an at home senior care provider know. Additionally, the pill dispenser was engineered in a way that’s easy to use and easy to see for seniors.

The Pill Dispenser by SafetyChoice is a great way for you to ensure that your older loved one does not forget to take one of their over-the-counter or prescription medications. By investing in this home safety product, your senior can reduce their risk of health complications and hospital visits.


Learn More in a Complimentary In Home Consultation

If you believe that your senior loved one could benefit from the Pill Dispenser by SafetyChoice, we encourage you to contact us today for a complimentary in home consultation. During the consultation, one of our at home senior care coordinators will educate you further on this product as well as the many other products we offer.

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