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SafetyChoice Technology Solutions Help Seniors Stay Safe at Home

Apr 15, 2015 by Ron L'Heureux

Most seniors who receive in-home care services do so part-time—for assistance with specific activities of daily living. Still, such seniors and their loved ones would rest easier knowing that, if needed in an emergency, help could instantly be summoned at any time of night or day.


In addition, caregivers who provide full-time care for loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia would appreciate extra help to assure their loved one’s safety at home.


In-home senior care technology answers the call in both cases.


Comfort Keepers® in home care of Orange, Calif., offers seniors and their families a variety of SafetyChoice® technology solutions, which promote the in-home safety of seniors when they are home alone or are at risk for wandering:


The Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)


Like the other SafetyChoice products featured here, the PERS links seniors to Comfort Keepers’ professionally-staffed monitoring center 24/7. A senior may be home alone, but help is always just the press of a button away.


PERS subscribers wear the PERS button on a wrist band or pendant—even in the shower. When pressed, the button activates a monitor, which signals the Comfort Keepers monitoring center. Within seconds, a caring, professionally-trained PERS team member responds and talks with the senior through the two-way PERS console speaker phone.


Upon determining the nature of the situation, the PERS team member dispatches the appropriate help—an ambulance, family member, friend or neighbor, as prearranged by the subscriber.


PERS Accessories


Comfort Keepers of Orange, Calif., offers a variety of add-on features to the PERS for extra safety and security. To closely monitor the activity of seniors who wander due to dementia, we offer motion detectors, window and door contacts, and a pressure-sensitive floor mat.


Other accessories, an excellent idea for any senior, are smoke, carbon monoxide and gas detectors.


Medication Management System


This system simplifies the process of organizing multiple prescriptions and reminds seniors with audible and visual prompts to take them as prescribed, to maintain optimal health. And when a dose is missed, the system automatically notifies the caregiver. For seniors’ safety, the system features a locked storage compartment and releases only one dose at a time.


Of course, nothing can replace the personal care provided by a Comfort Keeper or family caregiver—but at those times when a senior is home alone, SafetyChoice technology solutions help assure the safety of seniors and the peace of mind of family members.


Do you have questions about any of our technology solutions? Would you like to learn more? Contact our Orange, CA office today, and we will be happy to help!


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