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Activities With Elderly: Staying Active is the Driving Force to Maintaining Senior Independence

Apr 22, 2015 by Ron L'Heureux

Overwhelming medical evidence proves that elderly seniors slow the effects of aging and strengthen their independence when they stay active in life, mentally, socially and physically. But how can elderly seniors stay active at home—and in their community—when they inevitably lose some of the functions critical to independence?


Good question. Case in point: Along the route to elder status, seniors often lose the ability or desire to drive. In American society, giving up the car keys is commonly considered a white flag to independence.


But at Comfort Keepers® of Orange, CA, we know that giving up driving doesn’t have to mean giving up on life and independence. Transportation services—including those provided by our Comfort Keepers — are available to help elderly seniors get to not only doctor’s appointments, but also to the library, to meet up with friends, to go shopping, to church services and activities, and to cultural events—wherever and whatever is significant to them.


Promoting active living is central to Comfort Keepers’ brand of in-home senior care, Interactive Caregiving™. In everything we do, we focus on helping seniors stay as active as possible—to promote their health and quality of life.


Following are examples of activities with the elderly in mind. Comfort Keepers helps seniors stay active in these ways, and seniors’ family members, friends and others, like fellow church members, can help, too.


Stay connected with people: It’s essential for all of us to stay connected with friends and family. Social interaction helps seniors’ minds stay sharp and helps keep depression at bay. This is an important reason for making sure seniors have transportation they can count on.

Stay involved in favorite activities: This goes hand-in-hand with the previous item. Such activities add meaning and quality to life. Examples of activities with elderly loved ones that you could participate in include participating in a book club, gardening, playing bridge, being involved in church activities, engaging in hobbies like painting or woodworking and continuing in volunteer work. Seniors whose physical conditions limit their ability to get out can still volunteer; many organizations need help that can be done at home, such as preparing mailings, knitting and writing letters.


Stay physically active: Regular physical activity, such as walking or dancing activities with elderly, helps prevent and alleviate health problems. There are even exercises that can be done while sitting down.


Stay in compliance with doctor’s orders: This includes taking medicine as prescribed. Comfort Keepers provide their clients reminders to take medicine, and we offer the SafetyChoice® medication management system to prevent missed doses.


Yes, there’s plenty of opportunity for elderly loved ones to stay active and independent at home. If you liked these tips, here are some additional ideas to keep your senior loved one’s brain active and focused!

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