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Caregiving Support at Home Prevents Hospital Readmissions

May 6, 2015 by Ron L'Heureux

The last place you want to go after a stay in the hospital is the hospital. But about 20 percent of Medicare patients—about 2.6 million seniors—return as a patient within 30 days of a hospital discharge, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) reports. That costs more than $26 billion a year, not to mention the toll on seniors’ well-being.


In-home, post-hospital care services provided by Comfort Keepers® of Orange and Fullerton, Calif., can reduce the likelihood of a repeat admission. That’s because our specially-trained caregivers—Comfort Keepers—help seniors do the following when they return home:


Keep medical appointments: Comfort Keepers senior transportation services drive seniors to medical appointments so their doctors can check their progress and address potential problems. Transportation is an essential post-hospital service. Many seniors no longer drive—doctors commonly restrict driving following hospital care—and family members often have difficulty scheduling time off work.


Follow prescriptions and doctor’s orders: Comfort Keepers remind clients to take their medicine on schedule and help them follow other post-hospital instructions to promote healing. Failure to take medicine as prescribed leads to 10 percent of all hospital admissions. Comfort Keepers often work in conjunction with skilled home health care providers, who help clients manage their illnesses. In addition, our Safety Choice® products help ensure that seniors are safe in all parts of their home!


Maintain proper nutrition: Comfort Keepers plan and prepare nutritionally-balanced meals, following clients’ medically-prescribed diets, to promote health and healing and control medical conditions. They also eat with their clients, as seniors are more likely to eat well in the company of others.


Report changes in health: While providing post-hospital, senior care services, Comfort Keepers observe their clients’ activities and demeanor. They can report signs of health changes to family members and health providers.


And because Comfort Keepers also offer senior light housekeeping services and handle other tasks, they allow their clients to gradually increase their activity level, as their doctor advises, preventing them from taking on too much, too soon.


Comfort Keepers also promote their post-hospital clients’ health through Comfort Keepers’ distinctive brand of in-home senior care, Interactive Caregiving™. Interactive Caregiving engages seniors in conversation and physical, mental and social activities that enhance their health and quality of life.


As a supplement to personal caregiving, Comfort Keepers offers SafetyChoice® web-based technology solutions, which monitor seniors while they are home alone between post-hospital care visits.


Through this range of post-hospital services, Comfort Keepers helps seniors regain their health following hospital care and reduces the chance they’ll need a repeat admission.


Would you like to know how Comfort Keepers of Orange & Fullerton, CA could help you or your senior loved one? Call or leave us a message, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions, or even schedule a free in home assessment!


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