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Respite Care Provides Relief to Seniors’ Family Caregivers

May 13, 2015 by Ron L'Heureux

Family members cherish the time spent helping their senior loved ones continue living at home. But without help and periodic breaks, in-home senior care can be demanding, tiring and even risky to a family caregiver’s health.


That’s where the in-home respite care services of Comfort Keepers® come in.

Comfort Keepers of Orange and Fullerton, Calif., partners with family caregivers to schedule specially-trained senior caregivers, Comfort Keepers, to fill in for them so they can:


  • Enjoy a few relaxing hours to themselves or with friends

  • Take care of errands

  • Go on vacation

  • Go to work


With Comfort Keepers respite care services providing their loved one’s care, family caregivers can do any of the above with peace of mind. Comfort Keepers are well trained in senior caregiving—even for persons needing Alzheimer’s disease care and other dementia-related care needs. And Comfort Keepers hires only senior caregivers who have a heart-felt concern for the well-being and independence of older adults.


Following are the benefits of in-home senior respite care:


  • Lessens stress and the risk of burnout from what is otherwise a rewarding experience. Without relief, stress builds and harms the mental and physical health of a family caregiver. This can especially be the case for a family caregiver whose loved one needs constant attention, as do persons with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

  • The Family Caregiver Alliance (FCA) reports that 40 to 70 percent of caregivers experience significant clinical symptoms of depression.

  • Reduces risk of physical health problems, including heart disease, due to decreased stress. The Center on Aging Society reports that in one out of 10 cases, caregiving worsens the physical health of family caregivers. FCA adds that the demands of caregiving diminish caregivers’ immune response, leading to more frequent infection and increased risk of cancers.

  • Renews energy and commitment of the family caregiver, which benefits the senior being cared for. Time for self-care, relaxation, hobbies and time with friends and other family members can rejuvenate caregivers.

  • Enables seniors to socialize with someone new—not that there’s anything wrong with you (if you happen to be your loved one’s family caregiver), but a fresh face can rejuvenate a senior and give them something new to discuss. Yes, the benefits of respite care aid seniors and their caregivers alike! Variety makes life more interesting and enjoyable for all of us.


Call or contact Comfort Keepers of Orange and Fullerton, CA today at 714-623-7352 to learn more about how we can help you and your family with in-home senior respite care services.


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